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    A Little About Blue Sushi Sake Grill

    Blue sushi sake grill is one of the famous and known restaurants. This restaurant provides customer care services. If you are a lover of sushi then your next destination should be blue sushi sake grill.

    The biggest problem of our planet is the unbalanced ecosystem. Restaurants and hotels also play an important role in this eco-waste. But there are some standard restaurants and hotels that adhere to a friendly ecosystem and blue sushi sake grill is one of them.

    To know all about this restaurant and its packages and menus keep reading the article.

    Blue sushi sake grill is eco-friendly 

    The special thing about blue sushi sake grill is that they always try to protect the ecosystem of the planet. The ecosystem is just not the logo on land but the ocean life of the animals also needs special protection. It simply means that they are very serious about the positive impact of the earth and ocean.

    Blue sushi grill has a partnership with Monterey bay aquarium which supports a friendly environment and works on sustainable seafood. The seafood provided by the Monterey bay aquarium to the blue sushi sake grill is those sea foods that are responsibly caught or farmed.

    Blue sushi sake grill menus

    Blue sushi sake grill has all the available dishes and drinks, including the sea foods you need for lunch and dinner. They have several packages for customers such as small, medium, and large plates. They divided their foods into several categories. Some of the main food they have on their menu is.

    1. Starters

    EDAMAME and CHARRED EDAMAME: Classic with Maldon sea salt or spicy with garlic, tamari, and togarashi.

    MISO SOUP: classic Japanese broth-style soup with shiitake mushroom, tofu, wakame, and scallion.

    HOUSE SALAD: mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomato and crispy wonton strips with choice of dressing add grilled all-natural chicken +6 or seared salmon +8 dressings: wasabi soy, sesame honey, carrot ginger.

    LETTUCE WRAPS: sautéed all-natural chicken breast with garlic, ginger, cashews, and peanut sauce, served with butter lettuce cups, cucumber sunomono, sesame noodles, carrots, crispy rice noodles, and sweet chili sauce.

    1. Share plates 

    MANGO CRAB RANGOON: Crispy wonton wrappers stuffed with crab mix, mango, cream cheese, and scallion, served with mango and Fresno pepper sauces.

    RIVER ROCK BEEF: all-natural beef tenderloin, served on sizzling rocks with jalapeño ponzu and yuzu kosho.

    LETTUCE WRAPS: sautéed all-natural chicken breast with garlic, ginger, cashews, and peanut sauce, served with butter lettuce cups, cucumber sunomono, sesame noodles, carrots, crispy rice noodles, and sweet chili sauce.

    1. KODOMO 

    This is another category of dishes provided by blue sushi sake grill which is especially for kids. Youngsters which have aged 12 or under 12 have the special dishes which are listed below.

    LITTLE BENTO BOX: choice of maki roll, all-natural chicken tenders, shrimp tempura, crispy sweet tofu, or pan-seared salmon, served with edamame, choice of starch, and fruit.

    1. Nigiri and sashimi 

    Nigari and sashimi are further categorized by SALMON, SHELLFISH, FISH ROY, and OTHER, TUNA, and WHITE FISH, etc. each category again has several dishes.

    1. Specialty and classic maki

    Specialty maki include both raw and without raw foods. Raw includes ALASKA ROLL, THE BEACH, GREEN EGGS AND HAMA, PRETTY IN PINK, HOT PEPPER, etc. Similarly, not raw foods of specialty maki includes CRUNCHY RED, HOTEL GALL, THE IGUANA, SOUTH PACIFIC, SUPER ASPARAGUS, and TIDAL WAY, etc.

    Classic maki is again divided into raw and without-raw dishes. The raw dishes of classic maki include CABO ROLL, NEGI YELLOWTAIL, RAINBOW ROLL, SAKE, SPICY SAKE, TEKKA, and SPIDER MAKI, etc. similarly without raw dishes of classic maki includes CALI ROLL, CRUNCHY L.A, and SPICY TAKO, etc.

    Happy hour 

    Like other restaurants, blue sushi sake grill also provides happy hour. Where you will be able to eat different dishes at a discountable price and this happy hour is especially implemented for drinks.

    Happy hour is available from Monday to Saturday at a time of 2.00 to 5.30 pm. From Monday to Saturday you are allowed to use the happy hour package for dine-in and carry-out.

    On Sunday there is no time limit and you are allowed to enjoy happy hour all day. But with one exception, on Sunday you are only allowed to use the happy hour package for dine-in only not for carry-out.

    Locations of blue sushi sake grill

    You can find blue sushi sake grill in multiple locations. Some of the famous locations include Illinois, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, and lowa. The most recent targeted city for the opening of the blue sushi sake grill is Franklin. Blue sushi sake grill plan to open a forthcoming location in franklin by 2023.

    Sushi is for sharing        

    As you read the above captivating menu of blue sushi sake grill. You can explore the sushi experience with your family or friends. You can order your favorite food e.g nigiri, sashimi, or maki from the sushi bar.

    If it’s your first-time visiting blue sushi sake grill, visit during happy hour. You can find all the available dishes in your city by visiting the menus of happy hour. You can even visit the blue sushi sake grill online through their official website.

    Why blue sushi sake grill 

    There are some common reasons that compel you to tour blue sushi sake grill for sushi. The very first is their services. They provide all the dishes with full responsibility and they responsibly caught all the seafood. After all the consolation the food reaches your table.

    The second thing about this restaurant is that they provide traditional and creative maki, sashimi, and nigiri. You can find here vegan as well as raw seafood such as beef, egg, or shellfish. Vegan maki is one of the famous sushi of blue sushi sake grill.

    Most of the seafood from the blue sushi sake grill carries an eco-certification. And this is one of the pros of blue sushi sake grill they love eco-friendly foods.

    Blue sushi sake grill delivery

    If you feel comfortable in your home or if you are busy with office work. You don’t need to leave the home for sushi, just order from blue sushi sake grill and you will receive your favorite sushi at the doorstep.


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