5 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Flow Control Valve

Flow control valves play a crucial role in various systems and equipment. They are commonly used in different industrial and commercial applications and in hydraulic systems as well to control the flow rate of the fluid by opening, and closing the passage of the fluid. 

Choosing the right proportional solenoid valve is necessary to get the desired output from the system. Each type of valve is designed for specific applications and purposes. It is good to use the right type of valve for a specific application. 

Here we have listed 5 factors that should be considered while choosing a flow valve:

Media Type: 

This is essential to determine the characteristics and the type of media that will flow through the valve before choosing a valve. This piece of information will help you to determine which type of valve construction material will be good for the passing fluid. For instance, if a harsh or corrosive material has to flow through the valve, then its good to choose the valve that is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (PFA) because both of these materials can easily withstand the harsh and corrosive fluid. 

Valve Size:

Choosing the right size of the proportional solenoid valve is very important in getting the right valve for your system or equipment. Because if you get the wrong size valve, it will cause issues in achieving the desired flow rate and pressure as per the requirement of the process. A large-size proportional flow control valve will take more effort and time to reach the desired flow rate. A small change in the settings will have a significant impact on the flow rate of the fluid. That’s why it’s essential to get the right size valve for the application. 


Determining the functionality that the valve will perform in the system is necessary for choosing the right valve. Today, several types of valves are available and all of them have different specifications and characteristics. This is why, it’s essential to determine what kind of function the valve has to perform. This piece of information will enable you to look for an accurate proportional solenoid valve.

Valve Actuation Method:

This is essential to read the full specification of the solenoid proportional valve and check out how the valve will be operated. This information will help you to choose the right options that will be easily operated in the system. 

Maintenance Requirements:

Check out the maintenance requirements of the flow control valve and choose the option that resists clogging and is easy to service. Various types of proportional solenoid valves are available in the market which makes it difficult to choose the right option. Lookout for the option that has a simple structure and you can easily remove and clean it. 

Final Words:

Today, flow control valves are the basic necessity of various processes where accuracy and precision are necessary to maintain. But to get the expected performance from a fluid power system it’s essential to choose the right proportional solenoid valve. In this regard, above listed factors are very helpful. 

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