5 Reasons to Introduce Your Kids to Camping

Let’s face it, we all have fond memories of camping as kids; we remember the camaraderie, the closeness to family and the exciting adventures that always seemed to go on forever. Fast forward to the present time, perhaps now is right time to introduce your children to sleeping under the stars, and with that in mind, here are a few good reasons to take your kids on a camping trip.

  1. Develop essential life skills – High grades might get you into the university of your choice, but you will never learn how to start a campfire or how to create a makeshift shelter. Every child should understand and appreciate nature and the skills you learn stay with you for the rest of your life. Resist the temptation to do everything for them; stand back and see how they get on with unpacking their bags.
  2. Great bonding experience – With you working all the time, it can be difficult to find quality downtime with the family; check the calendar for the next long weekend and order a tent, gazebo, a few sleeping bags and you can enjoy a few days out of the city. This will also give you time with your soulmate, who also works hard; don’t worry about cost as camping is inexpensive and you will all return refreshed and ready to take on the world.
  3. Responsibility – A camping trip is an ideal time to give your children a bit more freedom; make them responsible for their own gear and you will be surprised at how positively they respond. You could ask the oldest to accompany you in search of dry firewood and delegate menial campsite tasks, making sure to stick within their abilities.

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  1. Encourage a love of nature – Point out tree species that you know and pass on your knowledge to your kids, learn together about the wildlife and show them that learning is fun. Ask each to take a notepad and make a few notes about what they have seen and experienced, which they can keep and read in the future. By immersing them in a natural setting, they will be curious and that should fuel their desires and they will want to repeat the experience.
  2. Understanding self-sufficiency – It is important to teach children how to be self-sufficient, how to improvise and make the most from available resources. This is a kind of education you cannot get in a classroom, you have to experience it to know it and as you enjoy more camping trips, their love of nature will grow.

The great Australian summer is only a few months away, so get online and start looking at tents and other essential camping gear, then you can plan a trip for the school summer holidays. You will get a great deal of satisfaction in seeing your children develop a love of the world they live in.

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