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Architect-Designed House Plans for Corner Lots

Are you the lucky owner of a corner lot? Or perhaps, you’re looking to build your dream home on one. Whatever the case may be, designing a house that stands out from the rest can be both exciting and challenging. Fortunately, with architect-designed Trouba house plans for corner lots, you can maximize your property’s potential while creating a unique space that perfectly suits your needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore some considerations for designing houses on corner lots and share ten stunning architect-designed house plans to inspire your next project!

Considerations for Corner Lot House Design

Corner lots offer unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to designing a house.

Firstly, privacy is an important factor to consider for corner lot house designs. With two sides facing the street, you’ll want to ensure that your home’s layout and window placement maintain privacy while still maximizing natural light.

Secondly, take advantage of your property’s orientation when planning your design. Depending on where the sun rises and sets, you can position rooms such as living areas or bedrooms accordingly for optimal sunlight exposure.

Corner Lots: Challenges and Opportunities

Corner lots are often considered a great opportunity for homeowners who want to build their dream houses. However, they also come with unique challenges that can make the design process more complicated. One of the most common issues with house plans for corner lots is the lack of privacy and noise pollution from traffic.

To address these challenges, architects need to create designs that emphasize privacy while still maximizing natural light and outdoor space. It’s important to take into account how neighboring properties will affect the overall layout and orientation of your home.

Another challenge faced in designing house plans for corner lots is optimizing curb appeal from multiple angles. Architects must consider how their design will look from both streets while also satisfying local zoning regulations regarding setback requirements.

Despite these challenges, there are many opportunities presented by corner lot house designs. For instance, they offer increased flexibility in terms of access points which can lead to better flow throughout the house as well as energy-efficient solutions such as passive solar heating and cooling.

Designing house plans for corner lots require careful consideration and planning but it allows architects an exciting opportunity to create innovative solutions that maximize functionality without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort.

Maximizing Natural Light in house plans for corner lots

One of the most significant advantages of house plans for corner lots is their access to natural light. Proper orientation and design can make a big difference in bringing ample sunlight into every part of your house.

 When designing a home for a corner lot, it’s essential to consider which rooms need more natural light and how you can maximize it. Large windows on two sides of the room not only bring in plenty of light but also create an airy atmosphere that makes even small spaces feel bigger.

Another way architects can incorporate natural light into their designs is by adding skylights or clerestory windows high up on walls, allowing sunlight to filter through the space without compromising privacy.

Maximizing Natural Light means designing open floor plans with few interior walls that hinder daylight from spreading throughout your home. Interior glass doors or partitions are other ways to ensure that rooms receive as much sunlight as possible while creating a visual continuity between living spaces.

10 Architect-Designed House Plans for Corner Lots

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for your corner lot house design, here are 10 architect-designed house plans to consider. Each of these plans has been carefully crafted with the unique challenges and opportunities of a corner lot in mind.

1. The Triangular House Plan – This plan is designed specifically for triangular-shaped lots, making the most out of every inch of space while also providing plenty of natural light and ventilation.

2. The Courtyard House Plan – Perfect for those who want to create an outdoor oasis within their property lines, this plan features a central courtyard that provides privacy and seclusion.

3. The Split-Level House Plan – A great option for sloping corner lots, this plan allows you to take advantage of the natural slope while still maintaining an open-concept design.

4. The L-Shaped House Plan – Ideal for larger families or those who love entertaining guests, this spacious floor plan wraps around a central outdoor living area.

5. The Modern Cube House Plan – With clean lines and minimalist design elements, this contemporary home is perfect for homeowners seeking a sleek aesthetic.

6. The Traditional Two-Story House Plan – Designed with timeless elegance in mind, this classic home offers ample space without sacrificing style or comfort.

7. The Ranch Style Home- Popular since the 1940s till date it offers modern conveniences in floor plans ideal for any family size

8. The Coastal Beach Home- This style designed by architects will make use of large windows which allow occupants to enjoy views especially if located near water bodies

9. The Prairie Style Home- Commonly referred to as North American architectural designs it works well on large plots

 10. The Cottage Style Homes: These homes offer a comfortable country-style charm feel accentuated with gabled roofs and gables dormer windows maximizing available spaces

No matter what type of architecture appeals to you most there’s sure to be one among these ten architect-designed house plans that fits your needs perfectly!


Designing house plans for corner lots requires careful consideration of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by these properties. With the right architectural design, corner lots can offer exceptional views, natural light, and privacy.

Our list of architect-designed house plans inspires anyone looking to build their dream home on a corner lot. From modern minimalist designs to classic traditional homes, there is something for every taste and budget.

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