Developing Cafe Bakery Concept, Compass Akron Will Expand Outside Jabodetabek

Over the years, the food & beverage industry has grown rapidly. One of them is bread brands that are increasingly mushrooming in the country. For those of you who love bread or bakery, you might be familiar with artisan bread or artisan bakery.

Yes, artisan bakery is a cake or bread that is produced freshly, with natural ingredients and an appetizing shape that has recently become the choice of many people. also uses this method when opening its outlets in Indonesia.

Nam Tae Kim, Head of Business Unit Compass Akron said that innovation and premium quality are the values that Compass Akron always carries in presenting each product to consumers in addition to a unique food and beverage menu.

“Like the K-Spicy Ppang Fair inspired by Korean snacks until the end of September,” Nam Tae Kim told Momsmoney.

As a brand that was present in the midst of the pandemic, Nam admits that the food and beverage industry is a business line that can survive amidst the uncertainty at that time.

“Now, after people’s activities have gradually normalized, we see a great opportunity for the F&B industry to grow, including cafe-bakery,” he said.
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Although there are currently more local and international cafe-bakery players, Nam believes that Compass Akron’s innovation, product quality, and service can attract consumers as loyal customers.

Within two years, there are already 9 Compass Akron outlets spread across Jakarta, Bogor, Depot, Tangerang and Bekasi. “And we have served more than 4 million cakes, pastries and breads,” said Nam Tae Kim.

Nam also added, for the Pastry & Bread category, there are five products that many Compass Akron customers buy, namely, Croissant, 100% Korean Milk Bread, Sweet Red Bean Bread, Sausage Pillow Bread and Almond Cream Cheese.

For other categories, the favorites are Beef Bacon Roll (Deli), No. 1 Cheese Tart and Egg Tart (Dessert), Triple Choco Cherry Cake & PB Signature Fresh Cream Cake (Cake).

In launching a menu or variant, Nam Tae said that it takes certain preparations related to the menu to be launched. If the menu is a seasonal or limited menu that also exists in the region, the Compass Akron Indonesia team will follow the guidelines given by the principal from Singapore.

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