Exploring CAMMUS Direct Drive Technology

Enthusiasts constantly seek ways to enhance their experience through more immersive graphics, realistic physics, or advanced hardware. Among the critical components of any racing simulator setup, the steering wheel and force feedback system play a pivotal role in providing drivers with a lifelike feel of being behind the wheel of a race car. This is where CAMMUS direct drive technology is revolutionizing the sim racing landscape with unparalleled precision and realism.

CAMMUS racing wheels powerful motors

Direct drive sim racing wheels have been gaining popularity among enthusiasts due to their direct mechanical connection to the motor, eliminating the need for belts or gears typically found in traditional belt-driven wheels. CAMMUS, a pioneering brand in the field, has taken this technology to new heights with its innovative approach to direct drive systems.

Precision engineering and cutting-edge motor technology are at the heart of CAMMUS Direct Drive wheels. Unlike conventional belt-driven systems, CAMMUS utilizes powerful motors directly coupled to the steering axis, delivering instantaneous and precise force feedback to the driver. This direct connection results in unparalleled responsiveness and fidelity, allowing drivers to feel every nuance of the road surface, from subtle bumps to aggressive curbing.

Torque output

One of the standout features ofCAMMUS C5 Direct Drive technology is its exceptional torque output. With torque figures surpassing those of traditional wheels by a significant margin, CAMMUS wheels offer an incredibly immersive driving experience. The sheer strength of the motors allows for realistic forces to be simulated, accurately replicating the feeling of gripping the wheel of a high-performance race car.

Smooth and seamless force delivery

Moreover, CAMMUS Direct Drive wheels are renowned for their smooth and seamless force feedback delivery. Thanks to advanced motor control algorithms and high-resolution encoders, these wheels provide precise and consistent feedback throughout the entire range of motion. This level of fidelity enhances the driving experience. It provides valuable feedback to drivers, allowing them to make informed decisions on track.

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Reliability and durability

Another key advantage of CAMMUS Direct Drive technology is its reliability and durability. By eliminating belts and gears, which are prone to wear and tear over time, a CAMMUS wheel offers a level of longevity and maintenance-free operation that is unmatched in the industry. This reliability ensures drivers can focus on honing their skills on the virtual track without worrying about equipment failures or performance degradation.

Furthermore, CAMMUS is committed to pushing the boundaries of sim racing technology through continuous innovation and improvement. With a dedicated team of engineers and developers, the company regularly releases firmware updates and software enhancements to enhance its products’ performance and functionality. This commitment to excellence ensures that CAMMUS users always have access to the latest advancements in sim racing technology.


We hope we guided you well on CAMMUS racing. CAMMUS Direct Drive technology represents a paradigm shift in the world of sim racing, offering enthusiasts unprecedented realism, responsiveness, and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned racer looking for the ultimate competitive edge or a casual gamer seeking a more immersive experience, CAMMUS Direct Drive wheels will elevate your sim racing experience to new heights. With its unparalleled precision and cutting-edge features, CAMMUS is leading the charge toward the future of virtual motorsports.

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