Improving Students’ Academic Performance Using ERP

Creating an effective learning environment, where students get the opportunity to stay engaged and grow is the key responsibility of every teacher. Sticking to conventional teaching styles won’t be sufficient in this regard. With the growing technology, all professional sectors are getting advanced and efficient. The same needs to be done with our education system too. The school admins and educators must opt for enterprise resource planning software.

It is a type of technology that automates the major educational tasks and enhances the teaching and learning experience respectively. From admissions, attendance, exams, and fee to communication, all these tasks can now be performed digitally. Let us now discuss how ERP helps teachers in enhancing the academic performance of students.

How ERP Helps in improving students’ academic performance

With schools and classrooms getting equipped with technology, student’s academic performance can be boosted vastly. Along with conventional teaching practices, teachers can use ERP for better communication, performance tracking, and class management. It helps students in the following ways:

1.Multimedia learning tools

Understanding the theoretical and applicative topics from textbooks becomes difficult for many learners. Also, the conventional style of teachers reading out the textbook lessons is no longer enjoyed by students. The touch of technology is very important to make learning fun and engaging for learners. The ERP software helps teachers to provide learners with several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. Also from a single platform, all the learning material can be accessed by the students.

2. Improved parental involvement

For the growth and development of students, along with educators, parents also play a key role. Therefore, teachers and parents need to stay connected. Due to time constraints and busy schedules, it becomes difficult for many parents to attend the physical PTMs. However, with the help of ERP software, parents can access their ward’s attendance reports, class performance, and results. Teachers and parents can discuss the imbalances in n the student’s performance and figure out the measures for improvement and betterment. Furthermore, parents can share their opinions, needs, and what more they expect from the school authorities.  By seeing the stakeholders being in constant touch, students also become more accountable and proficient.

3. Better communication and feedback exchange

Effective communication among teachers and learners is quite significant. The educational ERP software makes communication among teachers, parents, and students effortless. If students face any queries or doubts, they can reach out to the teachers at any time from anywhere. Also, teachers can keep students updated about all the necessary information by uploading it on the portal. Parents can also stay in a loop and get every detail about the activities, events, meetings, and learning graph of their ward respectively. Other than this, teachers can send digital feedback to the students. The remarks get saved on the system and can be accessed by learners anytime.

4. Automated Attendance

The institute ERP software is very helpful for teachers as it promotes an automated attendance process. Just with a few clicks and taps on the system, teachers can keep a digital check of students’ regularity and punctuality for the classes. Now every day coming to class, and spending time in the manual attendance process is no longer needed. The space for human errors, mistakes, and confusion is also reduced to a great extent. With so ease of attendance management, teachers become more productive and efficient. The saved time can be invested in better lesson planning and improving teaching practices. This way, teachers conduct the classes more effectively, also boosting students’ academic performance.

5. Digital reports

To ensure students’ academic growth,  it is important to check how they are performing in the current activities, and exams. Tracking and monitoring students’ performance manually becomes tiresome and hectic for the teachers. However, by using ERP, teachers get in hand digital reports and summaries. The system automatically generated the attendance reports and learning curves of the students. From a single dashboard, teachers can analyze the different parameters and students’ growth rates. The reports are generated in an easy-to-understand format. Therefore it also becomes comfortable and convenient for parents to get a proper check of their ward’s academic growth.


Ensuring the personal, social, and academic development of every student needs to be taken care of by teachers. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out how ERP helps in this regard. Better communication, teaching, comprehension, and feedback exchange, can be achieved by incorporating ERP in the classrooms.

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