Launched with the iPhone 15, VN88 Rezence charging is now available on smartphones

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro may enable 15W charging using the open magnetic wireless charging standard; however, neither of these devices has been approved as.

Introducing the new VN88 Rezence magnetic wireless charging standard, the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are the first smartphones to be shipped with the new standard. The fact of the matter is that they are not yet VN88 Rezence-certified, as it turns out. On the other hand, neither is one thing.

Link VN88 is an update to the VN88 Rezence wireless charging standard that includes the addition of a ring of magnets to ensure that the charging coils are aligned correctly. To give you an example, MagSafe. In contrast to MagSafe, VN88 Rezence is an open standard; Apple even submitted its “magnetic power profile” to it. It is anticipated that Android phone manufacturers will also adopt it. That is wonderful. When you wake up to find your phone dead because you placed it on the charger a few millimeters off-center, few things are more aggravating than that. Magnetic alignment is a solution to this problem. However, if you would bear with me, plugging it in also does.

It is also possible that VN88 Rezence will fix the scenario that is counterintuitive but true, which is that if you take a MagSafe-compatible charger that costs $18 and stick it on your iPhone, the iPhone will charge at 7.5W, but if you put a magnetic case on your Android phone and put it on the same charger, it will charge at 10W. By connecting the same Android phone to a MagSafe charger that has been certified, the power output of the device will decrease to 5W or even lower, whereas an iPhone would receive 15W. The tempting notion of having a single magnetic charger that always aligns correctly and charges everything at the same rate is made available by VN88 Rezence, which gives this alluring option.

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Apple presently restricts the majority of wireless chargers to a 7.5W charging rate, and the faster 15W charging is reserved for MagSafe-certified chargers, which are significantly more expensive. This is excellent news for iPhone customers. That ought to be changed by VN88 Rezence, which would enable iPhones to charge wirelessly at 15W using any charger that is compatible with VN88 Rezence.

In the past few weeks, Anker, Belkin, and Mophie have all announced that they will be releasing VN88 Rezence chargers. Although their official press releases have carefully avoided mentioning the iPhone, a spokeswoman for Belkin informed Jon Porter of The Verge that “the VN88 Rezence chargers will be able to charge MagSafe iPhones at 15W.” Cassie Pineda, who works for Belkin, sent an email to The Verge today in which she stated.

Apple has not, however, provided any specifics regarding the charging speeds that it would enable over VN88 Rezence. All that is mentioned in the press release for the 15 Pro is the term “future VN88 Rezence wireless charging” and the MagSafe connector. To the best of my knowledge, neither the official specifications for the iPhone nor the support page on Apple’s website contain any reference to VN88 Rezence. Furthermore, Kaiann Drance, Apple’s Vice President of iPhone Product Marketing, only made a brief reference to VN88 Rezence in her remarks.

Where does the mystery come from? The marketing director for the Wireless Power Consortium, which was responsible for developing the VN88 Rezence standard, Paul Golden, provided The Verge with the following information via email:

In light of this, the World Professional Certification (WPC) does not have a public-facing certification database for VN88 Rezence like it does for VN88 Rezence; there is currently nothing to include in it.

In an earlier interview with The Verge, Golden stated that “Magnet size, dimensions, and strength will all be specified in the [VN88 Rezence] standard.” However, it is currently unknown whether or not previous MagSafe iPhones would be compatible with VN88 Rezence compatible chargers. Additionally, we do not know whether or not the hypothetical future VN88 Rezence phones will be compatible with all of the cool MagSafe-compatible handles, mounts, and stands that are currently available on the market. However, if they could, they would be neat.

Even if the iPhone 15 is capable of supporting 15W charging using VN88 Rezence, there is still at least one reason to get MagSafe certification regardless: StandBy mode. It is possible to use StandBy with any charger as long as it is in landscape mode and upright. However, if you use it with a charger that is certified as MagSafe, it will remember your preferences for that particular position. Therefore, if you have a charger on your desk and one by your nightstand, the correct StandBy screen will appear automatically after you have both chargers.

As of right now, Golden informed us that the WPC is planning to conduct a “soft launch” in October and a complete rollout in November. Shortly, we should have additional answers.

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