The 20 Best Festivals in the World

Are you the one who loves to celebrate the outdoor and indoor festivals that are popular around the world? In this blog, we have covered some of the exciting festivals that will help you know about them and how they are celebrated.

The 20 Best Festivals in the World

Here are some of the best outdoor and indoor festivals celebrated across the world:

1. Rio De Janeiro Carnival

It is one of the most popular outdoor festivals known as the “Greatest Show on Earth.” It consists of religious parades and carnivals marking the seasonal significance for the Catholics.

2. Eid

The Eid Al Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, which is the Islamic holy month of fasting. It is one of the most celebrated and holy festivals of Muslims worldwide. It is considered as both an outdoor and indoor festival.

3.  The Abu Dhabi Festival

This festival is conducted in Umm Al Emarat Park to celebrate the region’s history, art, and culture. The rich heritage of the seven emirates is presented by the officials every year for the visitors and citizens of the country.

4. Al Dhafra

It is one of the biggest festivals of the Bedouin culture. This festival celebrates the Emirati traditions and heritage. If you want to witness the roots of the UAE culture, then Al Dhafra is one of the best options to visit.

5. Dublin Theater Festival, Dublin

This is one of the most popular indoor festivals for those who love the art of theater. This festival puts up amazing theatrical plays every year selected from different parts of the world.

6. Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This is one of the most popular arts festivals, which celebrates a range of art forms like circus, theater, opera, etc. This is also one of the most famous indoor festivals.

7. Prophet’s birthday

The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday is an important date in the Islamic calendar. On this day, people celebrate the contribution and life of this great leader through various events.

8. United Solo Festival

This unique indoor festival showcases one-person theatrical performances signifying the art and creativity with amazing talent.

9. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The race weekend in Dubai is famous worldwide. Since 2009, the UAE has hosted the Formula 1 world championship. The entire city during this time comes alive with its shiny lights and smiling faces.

10. UAE National Day

National Day is one of the most important days in the calendar for people living in UAE. It is celebrated every year on 2nd December on the occasion of the independence of the country. The day witnessed the cultural union of the seven emirates spirit, which is a treat to watch.

11. Diwali: A Magical Festival of Lights

Diwali, known as the festival of lights, is a beautiful celebration from India that has gained popularity worldwide.

12. Songkran

It is the festival celebrating the Buddhist New Year in Thailand. This day is celebrated by pouring water over the statue of lord buddha.

13. Semana Santa

It is one of the popular festivals which marks the celebration of easter festivities in Spain.

14. Cannes Film Festival

This festival selects films from diverse backgrounds and countries every year and showcases the best of them with award shows in Cannes.

15. Holi

It is one of the most famous indoor and outdoor festivals where people play with colors. It is popularly celebrated in India.

16. Mother of Nation Festival

It celebrates the preaching and inspiring values of HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak.

17. Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival

It is another indoor festival that celebrates the art of dance.

18. Meta Film Fest

It is a popular indoor festivals featuring some of the best films. It is conducted in Dubai.

19. Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

This is one of the popular festivals in UAE, marking the cultural importance of Heritage. During this festival, exhibitions are organized to showcase the values of cultural relevance.

20. Snow Abu Dhabi

It is another of the best indoor festivals, which is celebrated in the largest snow park in Al Reem Island.

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