Using Facebook Dating to Find Love

In April 2021, the popular social media platform Facebook launched its dating portal known as Facebook dating to make it easier to find love. This portal is a completely safe and secure dating portal.

In the Facebook dating portal, all user information including dating messages, user likes, and matching are kept private. As a result, this portal is now a trusted place for finding loved ones. But in that case, the sooner your dating profile reaches the door of many people, the faster you can find your perfect love. So the traffic of the profile needs to be increased. And for that, you can take the help of various service platforms that will help you increase the traffic of your social media account. Try Socigreg to bring more viewers to your profile. The platform offers organic likes, comments and followers for Facebook. SocialGreg offers a range of packages at affordable prices to grow your platform. However, want to know how to use Facebook dating to find love? Don’t worry, we’ll help you. In this article, we will be discussing how you can utilize facebook dating to find love. 

How to Open a Facebook Dating Profile?

The first step to using Facebook Dating is to create your profile. You can create profiles from your Facebook app on Android or iPhone. Turn on Facebook’s location services before creating your profile. You can update or delete your profile. If you delete your dating profile, you will not be able to create a new profile for 7 days. The techniques to open Facebook dating profile are mentioned for your convenience- 

  • Go to your Facebook app and tap on the 3-line Menu, then tap on ‘Dating’
  • Tap Start to continue reading the questions. Select the ones you want and tap    
  •  ‘Next’ or you can tap ‘Skip’ to move to the next question
  • Review your profile information once then tap ‘Confirm’
  • Tap one of these to complete your profile and add some more information and


  • You can see an automatic profile preview based on the information and pictures from your Facebook profile
  • Fill out the profile manually to add your own details and pictures
  •  Now choose your gender

How Do You Change Your Facebook Dating Preferences?

You can change your preferences for match quality at any time. Your preferences include the potential match’s age, gender identity, distance from you, and more

To change your dating preferences: 

1.   Go to your Facebook app and tap on the 3-line Menu, tap on ‘Dating’

2.  Tap on ‘Settings’ at the top right

3.  Under Appropriate Matches, make your changes after tapping the category you

      want to edit

Optional: Tap the On button next to Make it strong. Preferences help Facebook evaluate who might be a good fit for you. And Facebook can sometimes suggest people outside of your preferences who might turn out to be a good match

4.  Tap ‘Save’ at the top right

What Makes Facebook Dating Portal Different From Any Other Dating Apps?

The use of dating apps to find love is popular around the world. Nowadays there are many dating apps where you can meet strangers and turn from friendship to love. But all dating is almost the same. Here are the reasons Facebook dating portals are different from other dating apps

  • Your current Facebook friends and anyone outside the dating portal will not be able to see your dating profile
  • You don’t need to swipe on Facebook Dating
  • It’s a match if someone has liked or messaged you

How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile?

You already know how to open a Facebook dating profile. Now you should know how to delete this profile. Because most people who delete dating profiles after finding their loved ones may also need to delete dating profiles for personal reasons. In that case, you need to follow some steps and they are-

1.    Go to your Facebook app and tap on the 3-line Menu, tap on ‘Dating’

2.  Tap on ‘Settings’ at the top right

3.  Tap ‘General’

4.  Scroll down and tap ‘Delete Profile’

5.  Tap ‘Delete’

Advantages of Facebook Dating

Many people are interested in making relationships by liking each other online in this busy time. This facility called ‘Facebook Dating’ will enable users to create meaningful relationships. It will show the similarities and interests between the two users. Facebook dating portal has numerous advantages due to which this portal is now popular worldwide. Let’s know the advantages of the this  portal-

  • Complete security and privacy
  • Facility to meet singles at live events
  •  A chance to see if your secret crush is mutual
  • Option to date friends to friends
  • Likeability


So if you are interested in meeting new people, you can open a Facebook dating profile. In dating, you can like or message people you are interested in. Whenever someone likes you back, you are a match and you can start a conversation. So it can be said that dating apps for singles are a great way to find love.

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