How to Find Quality Doberman Puppies in Missouri

Selecting a reputable Doberman Breeders in Missouri can sometimes be quite a difficult task. However, if the right research and preparations are done the right breeder with healthy puppies is discerned. It also offers valuable tips as you look for a great companion in a Doberman to join you and your family in Missouri.

Do Your Research

Seek information on Dobermans available for breeding in Missouri. Use breeder websites, local Doberman and kennel clubs, and go to dog shows to find breeders. This article can help you understand certain diseases typical for Dobermans such as dilated cardiomyopathy. Take time and do thorough research on the ethics and breeding practices of a reputable breeder.

Evaluate Breeders

As a breeder, he or she should breed to enhance the quality of the Doberman. They offer health checks and health certification. They want puppy buyers to be active in a community associated with the breed or store. They maintain a neat and orderly establishment where they socialize the puppies. Shun those people who only breed their dogs in their backyards, and pet stores as well.

Health Clearances

Furthermore, responsible breeders conduct certain health checks for heart conditions, hip dysplasia, eye disorders, thyroid problems, and von Willebrand’s disease among other issues. Additionally, please request OFA and CERF clear documents to verify that the parents have been tested for these conditions. Health testing ensures there is a reduced likelihood of the puppies being affected by these problems later in life.

Meet the Parents

Make sure that you observe the temperaments of the parents when paying a visit to a breeder. A quality breeder will familiarise you. These parents should be friendly, social, energetic working dogs. That is the reason, nervousness or aggression shows that the animal has been poorly socialized and bred. The puppies should show signs of curiosity rather than be afraid.

Ask About Genetic Testing

According to a 2015 study, 50% of Dobermans have the gene mutation for dilated cardiomyopathy, a hereditary disease. Today, proper breeders have this mutation checked in their dogs and only breed non-carriers. Additionally, request documents from parents to show they do not carry this dangerous gene, which can cause death among dogs.

Get Referrals

Asking the breeder for references from previous clients who took a puppy home is recommended. Additionally, ask these questions to determine if they would purchase an animal from this breeder again. Potential buyers should be willing to inquire about any health or undesirable behaviors their dogs exhibit. Positive feedback gives a hint of a responsible, quality breeder who has good stocks of sound puppies.

View Vaccination Records

Additionally, good-quality breeders ensure that Doberman puppies are vaccinated and dewormed as required. Moreover, may I please request documentation showing the vaccination and deworming of the litter done by the vet according to the comparative analysis of the standard schedule? Core vaccines include distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvo, coronavirus, leptospirosis, and rabies.

Judgeognize the Contract

A responsible breeder offers you a realistic breeders’ contract outlining your respective responsibilities and privileges. This has to involve matters such as spaying/neutering, vet care, having the pet microchipped, and an option to take the dog back if at any one time this becomes necessary. Pay attention to details and seek clarification to establish potential signs that the breeder is responsible.

Assess the Puppy’s Home

It is important to take note of the type of environment in which the puppy grew up. It should be clean with sufficient space, and safe pens to confine the puppies, especially for exercise and defecation areas as well as for the play area where the puppies can easily socialize. Quality breeders expose puppies to different sounds, people, handling, and environments in controlled settings to avoid exposure to diseases.

Meet the Puppy

Temperament is far more important than coat color or type in a good Doberman pup. Observe if the puppy is friendly and receptive to you, as well as its playfulness with the littermates. Avoid arrogance on the one hand and shyness on the other hand as they are the worst traits to have when looking for a soul mate. Ensure the puppy looks healthy. Check for any visible signs of cold or flu, such as a runny nose or eyes. Look for a bloated belly and bad smell.


Purchasing a Doberman puppy in Missouri involves several steps including researching on the breeders, understanding the requirements of the Dobermans, observing the parents and the puppies as well as the questions that potential owners need to ask and the preparations when taking a new puppy home. By adhering to these measures, one is likely to end up with a healthy and temperate dog version.

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